Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review V

As you may know, we’ve been doing these video tips-of-the-week for FIVE years now. We have completed or collected around 250 little tidbit introductions to various resources through this past year, 2012. At the end of the year we’ve established a sort of holiday tradition: we are doing a summary post to collect them all. If you have missed any of them it’s a great way to have a quick look at what might be useful to your work.

You can see past years’ tips here: 2008 I2008 II2009 I2009 II2010 I2010 II, 2011 I, 2011 II.

Edit: here’s the part deux link:

This year’s tip collection, part one:

January 2012

January 4: The holiday week, with the 2011 tips.

January 11: Functional Glycomics Gateway.

January 18:  OpenHelix App on SciVerse to Extend Research

January 25: Biological Sequence Analysis I @ NIH

February 2012

February 1: SNPEffect 4.0

February 8: Human SNP-coexpression associations, SNPxGE2

February 15: OMIA, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals

February 22: Updated Introductory Tutorial on the RCSB PDB

February 29: eGIFT, extracting gene information from text

March 2012

March 7: Highlights [heh] of the Cannabis browser

March 14: New Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) Resource

March 21: TFBS using Mapper

March 28: Population Genetics Introduction

April 2012

April 4: Variation and Disease Databases

April 11: A 3D Worm!

April 18: The Cell: An Image Library

April 25: Bioproject, it’s where to start finding data (hint, not the papers so much anymore))

May 2012

May 2: Updated UCSC Genome Browser movie + slides

May 9: one iPad app to rule them all

May 16: BindingDB for binding affinities

May 23: The New PubMed Filters Sidebar

May 30: GenomeSpace, an integrator of integrators

June 2012

June 6: FancyGene for quick accurate diagrams

June 13: Visualizing the Galaxy

June 20: Publications track in UCSC Genome Browser

June 27: The PSI SBKB’s New Content Hubs

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