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sciencedebate2008blogger.gifAs we progress through this election, I can only shake my head with dismay about the level of discussion. I have heard a lot about “celebrity” recently. And so little on science policy issues that actually do have an impact on our lives.

I was heartened to see an update from the ScienceDebate2008 team this weekend, and the email included this news:

Innovation 2008 Conference We are cohosting a major conference with our friends at the Center for Science, Technology, and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota, called Innovation 2008: Renewing America Through Smarter Science & Technology Policy, and focused on the presidential transition. Visit the conference site here, and please save the dates of October 20 and 21st. Science Debate 2008 supporters Peter Agre and Ira Flatow will deliver the keynotes, and supporters Andy Fire, Lawrence Krauss, Russ Lefevre, Chris Mooney, Genie Scott, Susan Wood, Mary Woolley, and many others will be presenting on a variety of topics important to the next administration.

I am pleased that so many scientists and allies have supported ScienceDebate2008. I’m also glad to see this conference co-hosted with some folks who have been involved in policy already. I think it is time to use our voices to speak to policy issues. I was very happy to help them round up support at the AAAS meeting this year.

Science policy issues affect all of our lives and our careers as well. And we have the data to prove it :)

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  1. Jennifer

    FYI, in a Breaking News item from BioTechniques dated Aug. 30th (I’m a wee bit behind my reading), presidential candidate Barack Obama has posted his answers to ScieneDebate2008′s top 14 science questions facing America at their site The site says that John McCain will also answer, but I don’t see his responses there yet.

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