What’s the answer? (circular browsers)

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This week’s highlighted question gets at the problem of visualization that is going to be increasingly challenging. Some genomes need to be represented differently. I’m still waiting for a genome browser that can show both linear chromosomes and a mitochondrial genome at the same time :)

Question: What are some good interactive circular genome browsers?

Hi all,

I am looking for a interactive genome browser for circular (viral) genomes. Something that lets users view genome features in the context of the genome while allowing for backend and user customization. I need something that is interactive not simply a program to draw a static genome representation. I am familiar with a few:

Are there others that I should be considering?

R. Burke Squires

I added my thoughts about one clever way I saw it done, using bacteriophage genomes. My Tip of the Week on phiGenome shows you more. But check out the others, and if you have other suggestions please add them.