What’s the answer? (toxicity databases)

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This week’s highlighted question bridged bioinformatics and cheminformatics, and I thought more resources might turn up. If you know of others that suit this description, please add them. It didn’t seem that the ones Miquel had already found quite suited the need.

Question: List of toxicity databases suitable for bioinformatics and chemoinformatics

Hi all,

as an aside in my research, I’m facing the need to incorporate structural information of chemicals and their effects in humans in a massive (comprehensive) fashion. My naive intuition was that, since this is (should be) a topic of broad interest, there would be a reference resource providing such information properly delineated.

To my surprise, there is no such a resource, at least none that I know of. I list below the ones that I’ve found the more close to my needs, and specify why, still, they are not handy for me.

…[and then he indicates some he has explored]…


So if you have something to suggest that might be a better fit, please contribute over at BioStar.