The Great Sunflower Project

I’m getting the itch to plant and I have a bunch of seeds ready to go.  But this year I will also plant another type of sunflower, for The Great Sunflower Project

A biologist from SFSU, Gretchen LeBuhn, is recruiting YOU for a bee count.  They provide the sunflowers and some instructions, and you sit in your garden or on your porch and count bees for 30 minutes on a couple of occasions.bee_guide1

They have a bee guide to help you out.

This would be a great project for kids.

You’ll enter your data on their site and they’ll total it all up.  If you don’t see bees that’s important too.

Please consider signing up, and telling teachers and other groups about it.  Seeds are going out again soon.

The Great Sunflower Project is:

Hat tip to Reuters for this: California biologist seeks volunteer bee-counters

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  1. Mary

    Terrific, Molly–go over there and sign up. I did it yesterday and my confirmation email came right away. They are going to ship seeds again at the end of April so I would do it soon.

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