ENCODE floods the news networks…

My social media is abuzz with ENCODE publications and chatter right now. Some of the things I’d recommend (besides the huge collection of papers and Nature site, of course) or that made me laugh:

ENCODE project team leader Ewan Birney’s insights: ENCODE: My own thoughts

Guardian: Thousands of ‘genes’ found in parts of genome dismissed as junk DNA

Not Rocket Science: ENCODE: the rough guide to the human genome

NPR: Scientists Unveil ‘Google Maps’ For Human Genome

NYT: Far From ‘Junk,’ DNA Dark Matter Plays Crucial Role

NHGRI: RT @genome_gov: ENCODE, a multi-year effort by more than 440 researchers, has yielded astounding genomic insights. http://t.co/Vb0Imujg

NBC News: New DNA project shows us living beyond our genes

BBC Video: Human genome ‘more active than thought’

Guardian Video: What the Encode project tells us about the human genome and ‘junk DNA’ – video

BBC story: Detailed map of genome function

Science NOW: Human Genome Is Much More Than Just Genes

Ars Technica: Cataloging the controlled chaos of the human genome

Wired: New DNA Encyclopedia Attempts to Map Function of Entire Human Genome

CNN: DNA project interprets ‘book of life’

CBC: ‘Junk DNA’ has a purpose, new map of human genome reveals

The Telegraph: Worldwide army of scientists cracks the ‘junk DNA’ code

LA Times: ENCODE project sheds light on human DNA and disease

The Economist weighs in. (Hm.) The new world of DNA

Wall Street Journal: ‘Junk DNA’ Debunked

Gizmodo: The Human Genome Is Far More Complex Than Scientists Thought

Slashdot: ENCODE DNA Project: Big Data to Solve Genome Mysteries

Cosmos: Decade-long DNA project prompts ‘gene’ redefinition

Most bizarre title spin so far: “Occupy” comes to DNA: A genome for the 99 percent

Snorf: Everything??  Gigantic New Study Changes Everything We Knew About Human Genes

John Timmer (Ars Technica again): Most of what you read was wrong: how press releases rewrote scientific history

Maggie Koerth-Baker: ENCODE, the media, and what we really know about the human genome

Elizabeth Finkel: Aussie geneticist wins wager over junk DNA

Faye Flam: Skeptical Takes on Elevation of Junk DNA and Other Claims from ENCODE Project








Giggle II:

Giggle III:

GenomeTV from NHGRI:


And when you are ready to look around at the data yourself, do come back for our tutorials on ENCODE:

ENCODE Foundations (first tutorial on early ENCODE data): http://www.openhelix.com/ENCODE

ENCODE Data Available through the UCSC Genome Browser II: http://www.openhelix.com/ENCODE2


[I'm going to keep this as an ongoing repository of items I'm seeing. May be edited frequently over the next week or so.]