Tip of the Week: MaizeGDB Genome Browser & other videos

Occasionally we highly video tips and tutorials from other sites. Today I’d like to point to you MaizeGDB. Last year the folks at MaizeGDB highlighted their video tutorials in Database, As they state in their abstract:

Video tutorials are an effective way for researchers to quickly learn how to use online tools offered by biological databases.

We obviously agree here at OpenHelix. We have over 100 full tutorials and 200 tips in agreement :D.

Embedded above is their tutorial on using the MaizeGDB Genome Browser (v2). They have seven additional tutorials on their resources such as how to find a genetic map position of a locus and doing a phenotype search. On that page of tutorials they also have links to various other tutorials from others on Maize research and MaizeGDB.

You can learn more about MaizeGDB from our blog. We highlighted MaizeGDB in several posts of the last few years chronically their move to GBrowse,  it’s success and their experience.

Useful Links:
MaizeGDB tutorials
OpenHelix GBrowse Tutorial
Harper LC, Schaeffer ML, Thistle J, Gardiner JM, Andorf CM, Campbell DA, Cannon EK, Braun BL, Birkett SM, Lawrence CJ, & Sen TZ (2011). The MaizeGDB Genome Browser tutorial: one example of database outreach to biologists via video. Database : the journal of biological databases and curation, 2011 PMID: 21565781