What’s the answer? (non-model org TFs)

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This week’s question highlights another issue with transcription factor binding site data. Increasingly people are seeking out this data, and this time it’s not for human or a well-studied model organism. As we broaden out with more species sequence data, this will also be another big need.

This week’s question: List of TF and TFBS from a non-model species


How can I find the TF and TFBS from a non-model species (in my case the cow). Maybe is it possible to infer them with the human TF and TFBS ? My goal is to detect the TF from differentially expressed genes. and maybe the differentially expressed TF regulating differentially genes.

Other related question : how to know which gene encode a TF ?

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Again, I found a TF resource that was new to me, so I appreciated the answers. Check them out.