Good reads in bioinformatics

Over the weekend we saw a nice bit of new readership based on a blog post at Homologus. It’s a list of reads that can be helpful in keeping current in various topics in bioinformatics and genomics. Have a look–and include them in your reading as well!

A Review of Bioinformatics Blogs

Some of it overlaps with Stephen Turner’s recent post that was also popular (How to Stay Current in Bioinformatics/Genomics ), but it’s got some differences as well. Have a look.

In a fast-moving field, some of the best stuff is really on the blogs, forums, and other social media outlets. You really need to be connected. And I would say that bioinformatics geeks are particularly strong at some of this. They are always on their computers near twitter–and there are good papers, software tools, conferences, workshops, new features in existing software, downtime issues, and more–all being put out to the ethers by really smart and connected people who recognize quality (and sometimes mock items of lower quality in amusing ways).  Some time ago I did a post on how to use Twitter in Bioinformatics if you aren’t there yet. The software interface has changed a bit but the basic features are the same.

Anyway–have a look and add some new blogs to your RSS feed or your regular route.

2 thoughts on “Good reads in bioinformatics

  1. Manoj

    Hi Mary,

    I am one of the scientists maintaining blog. I just realized that your company is located in our neighborhood. Please drop me a line by email, if you have time. I am eager to know the kind of service Openhelix provides.

  2. Mary Post author

    Hi Manoj–sure, ironically I happen to be out of town today and on the road. I’ll ping early next week.

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