Tip of the Week: UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser


The folks associated with the UCSC Genome Browser have released a new browser and data collection called the Cancer Genomics Browser that is now available to you here:  http://genome-cancer.ucsc.edu/

They have done their own introduction to that software and data, so I’m just going to point you to their site today for this week’s Tip of the Week.  Go over there to watch the short video and get started using the site.

The paper that describes the resource is available from Nature Methods, and if you go to the supplementary materials there is even a tutorial in pdf form that you can access (even if you don’t subscribe to Nature Methods ;) )

More details about the project can be found on the job ad I saw for the project recently:

UCSC Cancer Genomics is the primary integrative bioinformatics group for the national I-SPY breast cancer trial (http://tr.nci.nih.gov/iSpy) and a key analysis group for The Cancer Genome Atlas project (http://cancergenome.nih.gov/), NCI’s flagship cancer genomics project. The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser (http://genome-cancer.ucsc.edu) is rapidly expanding with support from a number of additional collaborations. This browser is built on the popular UCSC Genome Browser, which receives an average of 600,000 page requests per day and is accessed by 80,000 different biomedical researchers monthly, making it one of the most important and widely used web-based resources for biomedical research.


The paper:

The UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser

Jingchun Zhu, J Zachary Sanborn, Stephen Benz, Christopher Szeto, Fan Hsu, Robert M Kuhn, Donna Karolchik, John Archie, Marc E Lenburg, Laura J Esserman, W James Kent, David Haussler & Ting Wang. Nature Methods 6, 239 – 240 (2009). doi:10.1038/nmeth0409-239

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    i am a research scholar. i am interested in cancer genomics. but i am unable to get particular website. can u help me.

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