What’s the answer? (tools that are needed)

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Got the idea for a killer app? Help a student out with some ideas. I think it’s great that Noolean found a group to ask. But I was curious to see whether this group would give answers more like super-users or with end-users in mind.  This week’s question:

Which new bioinformatics related tool would you appreciate the most?

I am about to spend next 6 months working on my thesis, part of which should be some new bioinformatics related tool. I would love to do something, what could be usefull (and used) also for broader scientific community. All my ideas so far have been either too complex, too easy to do or one-use (pipeline, which cannot be used repeatedly). I can do desktop applications with proper GUI, as well as web interfaces and mobile applications.

Dont be limited by technology, think about applications:-) (I will learn whatever will be needed even if I miss piece of knowledge now) So, my question is:

Which new tool would help you? What do you miss? What already existing tool would you like to replace/improve?

Thanks a lot for suggestions.


Check out the current suggestions, and add your own if you have something you could really use!