UCSC / ENCODE webinar follow up post

We’ll be having our July 24th UCSC – ENCODE webinar today, and we find there are questions to follow up afterwards that are often better handled in discussions on the blog.

If there are questions we didn’t have time to get to–or things we want to expand on with more detail–we can discuss them in this thread.

Or if you have other things you’ve been meaning to ask, let us know.

If you aren’t able to make the webinar today, don’t worry. In the near future, a movie with the exact same material will be available with the slides, and exercises tutorial suite–we’ll announce that on the blog when it’s ready. For now you can download the slides here.

You can also sign up to be informed of future webinars coming up other topics.

7 thoughts on “UCSC / ENCODE webinar follow up post

  1. Sven

    don’t forget to look for the bacterial track hubs and especially image integration to the detail description page ;)

  2. Mary Post author

    So the question we had in the webinar about the bacterial genomes: for folks who aren’t familiar with the UCSC Archaeal Browser, this is it: http://archaea.ucsc.edu/

    And once you get to a species genome, you’ll see the UCSC software features you are used to: http://archaea.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/hgGateway?org=Hyperthermus+butylicus&db=hypeButy1&hgsid=972387

    The question now is about the hubs–and I’ll have a look at that, I may need to contact the folks that maintain the archaeal installation.

  3. Mary Post author

    Just wanted to update Sven: I’ve checked with the team at the Archaeal browser and they are looking into it. They’ll let us know when they’ve had a look.

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