What’s the Answer? (your dream experiment)

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This week’s question is a light summer diversion. But it’s actually something I’ve thought about before, so I had an answer.

Given unlimited resources, what would be your dream experiment?

Here is kind of a fun question: (mods feel free to move this post if you feel it doesn’t belong here)

Let’s say there are technologies available to fully sequence genomes/transcriptomes/whatever with extremely high accuracy and completeness. You are given enough resources to do whatever you want (within reason), what would be your dream experiment/project?

–by Dk

I was really hoping to see what other people would say, but there weren’t many ideas. Does everyone have all the money they need for their dream experiment? I hope so–but I doubt it. Is everyone too laced up to let their imagines run wild? I don’t know. I would really love to see some big and creative thinking, so if you have some thoughts please add them to the answers.