Fresh data–metrics! From ENCODE

The ENCODE project has been churning out data for a long time now. Suddenly, though, it’s become even easier to see how much data has come along. I just got an announcement from the ENCODE mailing list about their new Quality Metrics that are available.

Here’s the scoop:

The ENCODE consortium analysis working group has analyzed the quality of
the data produced using a variety of metrics. The resulting quality
metrics are now available from the ENCODE portal:

The Quality Metrics page includes displayed and downloadable
spreadsheets showing quality metrics for human ENCODE datasets, along
with descriptions of what the metrics are and what they appear to
measure. Datasets are provided for DNase-seq, FAIRE-seq, TF CHIP-seq,
Histone ChIP-seq, and ChIP Controls. This page is linked to the related
Data Standards page:

Many of the software tools used for quality metrics, along with their
citations, can be found on the portal Software Tools page:

Thanks to Mike Pazin at NHGRI for collecting and organizing the quality
metrics and tools information for the portal.

To learn more about the ENCODE project and the data in the UCSC Genome Browser you can see the tutorial sponsored by the UCSC ENCODE team:

We’ll also be releasing an update to the materials soon, with a new tutorial.