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At the Science Blogging Conference we were introduced to I made mention of this earlier and have we have been using it since. It’s a great service and I’ve been reading many of the blog posts. One of the other things they announced at that same session (and in a previous newsletter) was a WordPress plugin from CrossRef. This would allow you to look up (by title, author) a reference and get the DOI citation to put into your blog post. It was supposed to come out that week, but I hadn’t seen it (and asked, they said “soon”). Well, I found it today ;) (update at end)

But it hasn’t been announced at the CrossRef site, nor is it in the list of plugins at wordpress. I’ve been wanting it badly, it seemed like it would make research blogging that much more simple and satisfying. So, last night I did a search on Google hoping that perhaps I missed the announcement and it was buried somewhere.

Well, I don’t know if the announcement was buried, or even out, but I did FIND it at SourceForge. I downloaded it and used it today.
Here is a screenshot of a search I did while writing that postcrossref plugin. You’ll see I searched on the title and came up with one result. Clicking the “L” automatically put the full citation with DOI linked in my postlike this:

Flavell, A, 1999, ‘Long terminal repeat retrotransposons jump between species’, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 96, no. 22, pp. 12211-12212. 10.1073/pnas.96.22.12211

and clicking the “S” will put a short, linked citation (name, year) in my post like this:

(Flavell 1999, pp. 12211-12212)

Some caveats:

1. Hey, it’s a beta, an unannounced one as far as I can tell… so use at own risk.

2. I occasionally hit snags when it said it couldn’t find the database.. but then found it if I searched immediately again.

3. I have NO idea if putting the citation from this into your blog post will automatically allow the ResearchBlogging aggregation system to recognize you post as one to be aggregated. I would hope so, I’ll have to ask in the forums. I used this for the second two citations in that post above. Since that was a researchblogging post, for the first citation I went to and used their citation form.. just to be sure.

Whether it will work with researchblogging or not, I like the plugin and find it useful. I’m looking forward to updates :).

Hey, you saw it here first! (well, maybe, but I’m guessing :)

UPDATE: Interestingly THIS post was aggregated when I put in the DOI reference above using the CrossRef plugin, but my previous post where I used the researchblogging DOI reference HAS NOT aggregated :/ even though I did it as Matt found I need to. So, yes, this plugin will autmotically be aggregated by the Researchblogging site, but now I have to figure out why I can’t get the researchblogging citation to be aggregated. :/

One thought on “Research Blogging and CrossRef

  1. Geoffrey Bilder

    Congratulations on finding the plugin. You beat us to the punch. Gotta love that Interweb.

    Just thought you might like to know that the official announcement is now up and that you’ve saved me some agony putting together screenshots. :-)

    I am guessing that the problems you mention were due to some last minute work we were doing on the 8th. You might want to go and make sure that you have the latest version of the plugin.

    Hope you find the plugin useful.

    Cheers, –G

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