What’s the answer? (soil metagenomes)

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This week’s question:

Question: Raw data for soil metagenomes?

Are there any raw data available for whole genome shotgun of soil metagenomes? There are a few studies here and there, but these are mostly 16S rRNA studies, not full sequencing.

I know MGRAST contains a few studies and I stumbled across Terragenome initiative, however the former doesn’t always provide raw data, and the latter doesn’t seem to provide any data at all.

EDIT: To make things clear: I’m looking for raw data of systematically defined “soil” metagenomes (some rhizosphere metagenomes qualify as well)


I’m not just highlighting it because I had the selected answer ;) . No, really: IMG/M* is a great resource, as is the companion IMG*, and it always surprises us that people seeking microbial genome information don’t know about it. Check out the full discussion here.

*OpenHelix tutorials for these resources available for individual purchase or through a subscription.