What’s the answer? (how to stay current)

This week is a bit different than the usual “What’s the Answer?” post where we highlight a question from a forum that our readers might be interested in. However–in this post, one of the answers includes BioStar–so it sort of comes back around!

Stephen Turner (aka @genetics_blog) wrote up a blog post recently in response to people asking him how he stays current in bioinformatics/genomics. I know a lot of people retweeted that post at the time, and his very kind inclusion of OpenHelix led to some good traffic to this blog and new twitter followers. And just last night I saw this as well, confirming my impression of this post:

There are blogs, forums, automated searches, Twitter, and literature–of course. A lot of people might know about some of these, but it’s nice to see someone assemble a collection. It is also interesting to see how similar it is to my strategy.

So it seemed like this might be a fun item to highlight as a good source of answers on a number of things, and a good way to find useful sites and folks to be aware of in this field. Check it out.

How to Stay Current in Bioinformatics/Genomics

So much data and information. You gotta have some strategies. And you have to have more than the literature.

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