UPDATE: Galaxy servers are ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ semi-up (they know). Other mirrors or sites

UPDATE: Galaxy is up–but…

Be nice–don’t run giant projects right now…and it might not be entirely stable anyway. If you can wait, it might be wise.


I saw a notice earlier, but figured it would be short term. However, just now I saw this:

You can follow the Galaxy twitter feed for updates: @GalaxyProject

Here are links to some mirrors or other servers you can use if you need one at BioStars: list of public Galaxy servers

I suspect this also means that the GenomeSpace one from today’s tip would also be down, as that’s a test server there.

This is just a PSA–I remember one time UCSC Genome Browser went down (they had a cable cut by construction work–not an earthquake that time), and the traffic to our mirrors post was astounding. So I thought people might be looking for this kind of info as well, and it’s hard to get the word out if your site is out of service…


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Galaxy servers are ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ semi-up (they know). Other mirrors or sites

  1. Mary Post author

    Yeah, we realized the importance of having a list somewhere not associated with the main site when UCSC went down once. The flood of queries for “UCSC mirror” was remarkable.

    Good luck with your recovery. The part about the tarp made me nervous!

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