What’s the Answer? Bioinformatics/cheminformatics/biology games

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This week’s question could be dangerous….

Question: Bioinformatics/cheminformatics/biology games

I know FoldIt very well and I use it for teaching (as a next step after modelling – its interface is much more suitable to explain nuances of model refinement than any other free tools). I’m aware of couple of others such as Phylo or EteRNA. The question is what other bioinformatics/cheminformatics/biology games are out there? I’m looking for games that can be used to explain basic biological and algorithmic concepts in the course of teaching bioinformatics and systems biology to undergraduates.

Citizen science aspect (like in FoldIt) isn’t neccesary, but of course it would be nice to have it.


Go ahead, go see the answers. And I dare you not to get sucked into at least one of the games… But also, if you know of others, go over and add them. It would be nice to have a collection of them. In fact, I just remembered another and I want to go over and add it.