Friday SNPpets

Welcome to our Friday feature link collection: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment…

  • RT @Dr_Bik: Cool visualization w/dragging ability RT @moorejh: Integrative multi-species prediction #bioinformatics #genomics [Mary]
  • From NCBI News: “The Netblast client (blastcl3) that has provided batch search access to the NCBI Web BLAST service will be discontinued in the near future. The BLAST+ applications replace and improve upon the functions provided by blastcl3. Blastcl3 users should switch to BLAST+ as soon as possible… ” More information is available here. [Jennifer]
  • Super Science Shoes AWAY!! (can you say weekend project?) RT @DrRubidium featuring @Seelix! -> Make your own superhero heels and walk a mile in Wonder Woman’s shoes via @io9 [Jennifer]
  • RT @GenomeWeb: From CDC’s genomics group: three-tiered list of genomic tests, organized by level of evidence for utility and validity: [Mary]
  • More new genome-related tools from NCBI, again announced in their News: “The Genome Remapping Service (Remap) and the Variation Reporter are related tools that find locations on current and past genome builds…The Variation Reporter… takes a set of locations in a human genome assembly and identifies known human variations (NCBI Reference SNPs) at those positions. This service is particularly helpful for identifying experimentally or clinically determined variants. ” [Jennifer]
  • BioGPS is  nice tool. RT @andrewsu: SuLabBlog: BioGPS retrospective – the four year anniversary [Mary]
  • Fascinating case of genetics, interventions, and law. RT @_Genethics: Reading a grounded and interesting piece on knotty genomic issues @canlawmag Legal lag in medical advances [Mary]
  • Very, cool – adding it to our updated tutorial now! :) RT @NCBI: PubMed’s new Filter Sidebar is now available – ex: , Info: & YouTube Video: [Jennifer]
  • “an interactive resource for global biodiversity analysis ” RT @AgroBioDiverse: Map of Life goes live [Mary]