BioStar, moved

We here at OpenHelix love BioStar. If you haven’t noticed, we highlight an answer from Biostar every Thursday in our “What’s the Answer” thread. For those new to Biostar, a quick intro: Biostar is a Q&A site for bioinformatics and genomics or, as it describes on the about page:

This site’s focus is bioinformaticscomputational genomics and biological data analysis.

Well, that’s not particularly descriptive, but read on and you’ll find that BioStar is an excellent question and answer site. The questions and answers can be quite detailed and complex, or as they say on the about page, “No question is too trivial or too “newbie”.  We’ve found a lot of use and a lot of good answers (and questions). Mary and I are both there (Mary is a moderator) and every week we search the site for questions and answers that are particularly useful for our readers.

But that’s describing BioStar wasn’t the title of this post (and we’ve done that before :), but to remind folks that BioStar has moved to it’s own home. It used to be housed at StackExchange, but for various reasons (discussion history if you want to plunge) the decision was made to migrate BioStar to a new site. That migration took place last weekend, to It’s a nice new site with all the functions and features you remember, a few changed things (reputation is calculated differently). A smooth and happy move. Your old URL should redirect to the new one, but if it doesn’t, you have it here. Congratulations to the community at Biostars to a new site and start.