Pedigree drawing software

A question across the MGI mailing list this weekend was: “Is there a good, easy to use template/program for drawing pedigrees that someone could recommend?”

So far the suggestions include:
Pedigree Draw: A mac-only tool available for purchase.

Pedigree Viewer: is a free tool, for Windows.

Another suggestion came for HaploPainter: this for installation on Windows/linux, but also can be installed on Macs with a bit of awareness about the installation process. The diagram with the HaploPainter page looked really nice, so I went to check out the paper. Thiele and Nürnberg were challenged by some genome-wide scans with over 10,000 SNPs that they wanted to display. They created this software to solve their problem, and released it for others use as well. Looks like it could be really useful–we will have to test it out.

If anyone has other suggestions, add them here and I can send them back to the mailing list–or, of course, you can sign up yourself!

EDIT: here’s another nice looking program submitted to the MGI mailing list: Madeline 2.0

Progeny: this company has software that people have told us they like. I just realized they had a free pedigree tool that you can check out:

I just remembered another project that I had heard about–the Surgeon General’s Family Health project has a tool for family medical history pedigrees: My Family Health Portrait.

PediDraw–found another one, and I’ll keep adding them as I find them.  This is a web-based tool.  The paper accompanying this one is available in PubMedCentral.

Thiele, H. and Nürnberg, P. (2004). HaploPainter: a tool for drawing pedigrees with complex haplotypes. Bioinformatics, 21(8), 1730-1732. DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bth488

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