What’s the Answer? (best graphics or galleries)

BioStar is a site for asking, answering and discussing bioinformatics questions. We are members of thecommunity and find it very useful. Often questions and answers arise at BioStar that are germane to our readers (end users of genomics resources). Every Thursday we will be highlighting one of those questions and answers here in this thread. You can ask questions in this thread, or you can always join in at BioStar.

This week’s highlighted question: This was a question that got high numbers of votes, and drew a nice discussion of the options. In the age of “big data” visualizing the results is still a really challenging issue, and a lot of times people are looking for guidance on good examples, or would like to use samples to illustrate key points.

best graphics gallery or blogs for bioinformatics use

I am trying to compiling we resources for creating excellent visualization tools for bioinformatics use. The following are some of official graphics gallery I have found:- … …

[big list here in the original question]

Are there other important library that are useful and specific to bioinformatics application? I think R should have better resources in this context…


This was turned into a “community wiki” as there is no single answer. But a nice list of options in additional to John’s large collection seemed to be really helpful. One person mentioned the VIZBI conference which I would love to attend some day.  Check out the full list and the other answers here.