What’s the Answer? (promoter identification)

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This week’s highlighted question was one I saw some time back, but I found the list of tools in the top rated answer handy:

Identification of promoters from gene sequences and a vertebrate genome assembly

I have a number of genes which I’d like to locate in a whole-genome assembly, in order to identify the genes’ promoters. In the past I’ve done this manually using BLAST and BLAT, which has worked well, but the process is quite time-intensive (because I have to take into account introns and exons). Now I find myself in a situation where I need to find the promoters for 100s of genes.

Is there a pipeline or tool which will, given gene sequences and allowing for introns, allow me to identify automate the detection of gene promoters? I’d rather not reinvent the wheel.

David M

As one of the answers indicated, we are fans of MEME  suite tools, but there are a range of things that might be suitable depending on your species starting point and your goals. MDscan is another tool to explore.  Check out the top-rated answer for the list.