Video tip of the week: Updated Introductory Tutorial on the RCSB PDB

Most Wednesdays our blog features a 5 minute movie introducing you to a new resource, or a new feature at a well-established resource, or something similar. Occasionally we provide you with something much more – a full length, full feature introductory tutorial on a resource. This week is one such “full feature” tip.

For today’s tip I am offering our full introductory tutorial on the RCSB PDB, which we completely updated to cover their Top Search Bar, PDB 101 education feature, and more. Our revised materials were released at the beginning of the month, so I thought it would be great to feature as my February tip.  From the suite landing page, click on the “Launch Online Tutorial” button to view the movie, or use any of the download buttons to obtain our slides (with full script), exercises, or handouts.

My mentioning downloads reminds me of a question that we get frequently, and got again in our RCSB PDB webinar that we presented last week (as you can read on our webinar follow up post here): “Can I useOpenHelix materials in a class that I am teaching?” The answer is absolutely! We would love our materials to be used as quick course materials, lab or journal club presentations, etc – anything that furthers their reach, actually. Our only request is that it not be for profit, and you don’t remove our copyright messages. We try to make it easy to use our materials too because we include the full script for our slides in the notes area of them, so there’s no guessing what information is being covered on any particular slide. And our exercise documents are designed so that you could offer your students either just the first page, to work on their own; or the full document which leads users step-by-step through each hands-on activity at the resource. So by all means, use this tip, and all of our RCSB PDB training materials for your own benefit, as well as that of your students, lab mates, etc. Enjoy!

Quick links:

Landing page for our RCSB PDB training materials and tutorial movie:

The Homepage of the RCSB PDB:


Original RCSB PDB paperBerman, H., & et al (2000). The Protein Data Bank Nucleic Acids Research, 28 (1), 235-242 DOI: 10.1093/nar/28.1.235

More recent RCSB PDB referenceRose, P., Beran, B., Bi, C., Bluhm, W., Dimitropoulos, D., Goodsell, D., Prlic, A., Quesada, M., Quinn, G., Westbrook, J., Young, J., Yukich, B., Zardecki, C., Berman, H., & Bourne, P. (2010). The RCSB Protein Data Bank: redesigned web site and web services Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (Database) DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkq1021