New ENCODE track data available

On Friday I caught this announcement from the ENCODE mailing list. Fresh new data for your mining pleasure!

Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/University of Washington

This track shows genome-wide maps of histone modifications associated
with active promoters (H3K4me3), repressed regions (H3K27me3), and
active transcription (H3K36me3) in 57 cell types, as identified by ChIP-seq.
CpG Methylation by Methyl 450K Bead Arrays from ENCODE/HAIB

This track displays the methylation status of specific CpG dinucleotides
in 61 cell types as identified by the Infinium Human Methylation 450
Bead Array platform.  In general, methylation of CpG sites within a
promoter causes silencing of the gene associated with that promoter.
RNA Subcellular CAGE Localization from ENCODE/RIKEN

This track from the ENCODE Transcriptome group shows 5' cap analysis
gene expression (CAGE) tags and clusters.
A total of 34 Experiments were conducted in 12 cell lines and one tissue
(prostate), with RNA extracted from 6 isolated cellular compartments and
in whole cell.

Affymetrix Exon Array from ENCODE/University of Washington (Release 2)

This track from the ENCODE Transcriptome group shows human tissue
miroarray data from the Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 GeneChip.
Release 2 of this track shows experiments in 14 additional cell lines.

If you want to learn more about how to explore the ENCODE data, check out the ENCODE tutorial materials freely available, sponsored by the ENCODE team at UCSC here:

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