Intl Soc Computational Biology OPPOSES the Research Works Act (#RWA)

Just a quick post to clarify some tweets I saw. There was a tweet by @lessig that indicated ISCB supported the RWA, based on a mis-assignment of their position in MapLight.

Very quickly I checked the evidence and saw what happened, and someone else did too. We contacted Larry Lessig and he has fixed it, although I haven’t seen it fixed on MapLight just yet.

Here’s the evidence link:

ISCB opposes HR 3699

Just so you’ll know in case this gets around with the wrong information I wanted the story out there.

Update–just to show the ISCB site as well:

Update 2: Hat tip to @maplight for the quick fix:

@lessig @JMarkOckerbloom @mem_somerville et al. — bill page has been updated to reflect ISCB opposing. Tks for bringing to our attention!

4 thoughts on “Intl Soc Computational Biology OPPOSES the Research Works Act (#RWA)

  1. Grant

    ICSB distributed an email to it’s members similar effect; I’ve got a copy of it up on my blog (post is linked on my name).

  2. Mary Post author

    Oh–thanks for that Grant. I see it in my mail now too. I was on the road this week and hadn’t been through that pile of mail yet.

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