What’s the Answer? Lipid-binding protein database or tool?


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This week’s highlighted question:

How to identify the lipid binding region (amino acid residues) in the protein? Any specialized online/commercial tools is there.

The first answer starts off:

You can try CGDB - a database of membrane protein/lipid interactions. You can also try the predictive algorithm for lipid-binding sites using three-dimensional structural data, described by Scott, et al.

And then continues with more to read and some description. There is (at this time) another answer using PFAM.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Answer? Lipid-binding protein database or tool?

  1. Paul

    I found the following papers specialized in the search for (helical) lipid binding regions:

    Keller RCA (2011) The prediction of novel multiple lipid-binding regions in protein translocation motor proteins: a possible general feature. Cell Mol Biol Lett. 16(1):40-54.
    Keller RCA (2011) New user-friendly approach to obtain an eisenberg plot and its use as a practical tool in protein sequence analysis. Int J Mol Sci. 12(9):5577-91.

    Good luck!

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