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2009summerschoolamericas300The GMOD team is running another set of workshops for learning how to use and administer a number of tools associated with this project.  This would be a great opportunity to beef up your skill set at a time of increasing need for these tools.  As more and more genomes and data sets are sequenced, managing, annotating, and visualizing all this data will only become more important.  Of course, if you don’t need to administer the tools and a tutorial for end users is what you need, you can see our new GBrowse User Tutorial for free to learn more about GBrowse.

Below I’ll reprint the whole announcement, but you can also see it at the mailing list. Or the nifty wiki page about the Summer Schools.

Hello all,

GMOD is offering two Summer Schools in 2009, one on each side of the Atlantic.  GMOD Summer Schools

( introduce new GMOD users to the GMOD project and include several days of hands-on training on how to install, configure and administer GMOD tools. The 2008 GMOD Summer School was a great success with 25 students from 4 countries in attendance.

Americas, 16-19 July

- at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent), Durham, NC, USA

- Student tuition is free, thanks to NIH grant 1R01HG004483-01.


Europe, 3-6 August

- at the University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

- Part of GMOD Europe 2009, which includes the next GMOD Meeting

- Student tuition is £75


The schools will feature training on these GMOD components:

* GBrowse – the most widely installed genome viewer on the web

* Chado – a modular and extensible database schema

* Apollo – genome annotation editor

* BioMart – biological data warehouse system

* GBrowse_syn – a GBrowse based synteny viewer

* JBrowse – a brand new Web 2.0 genome browser

* Artemis-Chado Integration (Europe only)

* MAKER – Genome annotation pipeline (Americas only)

* Tripal – Web front end for Chado (Americas only)

Applications for the 2009 GMOD Summer Schools are now being accepted.

***The deadline for applications is the end of the day, April 6.

*** Enrollment is limited to 25 participants in each course. If applications exceed capacity (and we expect they will) then applicants will be picked based on the strength of their application.  Applicants will be notified of their admission status by mid April.

Please contact the GMOD Help Desk if you have any questions.


Dave Clements

GMOD Help Desk

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