My “View from Your Window” photo in Casablanca

Just a fluff post, tangentially related to genomics because we are in Casablanca recently and it’s about a photo I took there :D.

I read Andrew Sullivan often. Every Saturday he has a “View from your window contest” where he posts a photo a reader has submitted that was taken from a window. Readers have till the next Tuesday to send him their guess.  He posts these photos daily and has a book of them, which he gives to the winner of the contest.

Well, on our recent trip to Morocco , I took a photo out of our hotel room window. I took one look at it and thought “VFYW contest!” So, I submitted it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he used my photo this Saturday. I eagerly awaited the readers answers today, and wasn’t disappointed. There were several guesses, several which got “Casablanca” and the right hotel. The winner actually got the right floor (6th).

Two ‘regrets’… one, in my email to him sent from my phone, it autocorrected “meet” with “moment” so the sentence “my family moments me tomorrow to take a trip to Marrakech, Fes and the Sahara.” should read “my family MEETS me”. Oh well. ANd if I took that photo with an eye to the contest, I would have shifted a bit to the left so “TEGIC” didn’t show up :D. It was a give away.

Though, I can NEVER get these. Sometimes I get the right continent, but his readers are pretty good at plant species, car models, architectural history, google earth and a bunch more. I’m amazed at how well they guess every week.