Happy Canadian Genetic Counselling Awareness Week!

Um, no, I didn’t know either, but it’s not really aimed at me I guess. And I feel sorta bad because it’s a slow week on the blog too–I think everyone’s already checked out for their US holiday travel. But if you are reading before leaving on your American family gathering–don’t forget to ask about family health histories while you’re around the table! Or, well, maybe after dinner before everyone falls asleep, perhaps. The US Surgeon General has a tool for gathering histories that you can learn more about here at the CDC Genomics Blog.

But still–learn more about genetic counseling here–CAGC in Canada. Or from this nice blog by genetic counselors: Canadians celebrate 2nd Annual Genetic Counselling Awareness Week where you can learn about events–including movie screenings-with some nice outreach from counselors as well.

Or learn more about them from this video of singing counselors! Hat tip to Jennifer Ouellette at G+, and her source Improbable Research.

Quick link: Family History Health Portrait software from the US Surgeon General.