It's Friday & You're Looking for Fun

phd_comics2OK, its Friday afternoon, you just started your gel running & your looking for some fun way to kill a bit of time.

Whatever you do, DO NOT head to the comic strips at “Piled Higher & Deeper” – you will NOT beable to stop clicking through the strip and your research WILL run off the end of the gel! Piled Higher & Deeper is a comic strip based on the ‘fun’ aspects of grad school. Actually they hit pretty much all of it on the head, right down to the iconic living on Ramen noodles. I haven’t read nearly all the archives, but already have found a few strips that really resonate – and I’ve been out of grad school for a few (not that anyone ever REALLY recovers…) And if you do brave the site, check out their gear section too – I might need a t-shirt.

Hey, where are you going? OK, but if you loose your gel’s goodness, don’t say I didn’t warn you!