Explore Open Access Bioinformatics Tools with the free “World Tour of Genomics Resources” webinar.

The science community now has a valuable launching point to explore and find the many bioinformatics and genomics resources available to them through the “World Tour of Genomics Resources”  webinar by OpenHelix on Thursday, November 10th at  10:00 PST/1:00EST (UTC -8:00).

The webinar includes a sampling of resources organized by categories such as algorithms and analysis tools, expression resources, genome browsers (both eukaryotic and prokaryotic/microbial), literature and text mining resources, and resources focused on nucleotides, proteins, pathways, disease and variation.

In each category, the webinar explores not only the most popular resources, but also some lesser known ones that fill unique scientific needs or are especially helpful to researchers.

The tour also shows easy ways of accomplishing the difficult task of finding and learning about other resources with the free OpenHelix search tool, tutorial suites, and other tools.

“With the ever expanding data sets and resources of the genomics era” said Warren (Trey) Lathe, Chief Science Officer at OpenHelix, “this webinar fills the critical need of giving scientists an overview of resources and showing them ways to find them and learn how to use them.”

Register for the webinar at http://www.openhelix.com/cgi/webinarInfo.cgi?id=33.