Tip of the Week: International Stem Cell Registry

stemcell_iconAs part of the celebrations for the increased access to stem cells and stem cell research funding that President Obama signed this week, I would like to introduce you to a registry that contains information about these cells lines.  The UMass Medical School has an International Stem Cell Registry that I will highlight today.  If you would like to do work with these cell lines it might be helpful to find the right ones for your work.  If you have a cell line that you want to share with other researchers you should register it here.  In this Tip of the Week I’ll introduce the UMass Stem Cell Registry’s main features that will enable you to access information about the cells.  Specific details about cell lines is available via browsing and searching the database, or by starting from the literature associated with this field.

Access the International Stem Cell Registry here: http://umassmed.edu/iscr/

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