ENCODE webinar follow-up post: more questions?

ENCODE ProjectThe November 9 webinar on the ENCODE project data that is flowing into the UCSC Genome Browser may generate some questions that we won’t have time to cover. Or after people have looked around at the data a bit more there may be further questions that arise. So we’ll leave this blog post open for follow-up on issues that arise from our discussion.

The slides from that webinar will be incorporated into an update of the free tutorial materials soon, after a few more new pieces are available. But if you want the ones that for the webinar (which should be considered draft form) you can access them here:

Slides (PowerPoint; zipped): ENCODE webinar slides November 9.

Handouts (PDF; zipped): ENCODE webinar slides as PDF format

We’ll notify everyone when the final versions of the materials are available. We’ll have slides and a movie, and exercises, on the ENCODE tutorial page [EDIT: use that link for access to the exercises]. These are freely available as they are sponsored by the ENCODE team at UCSC Genome Browser.

ENCODE portal at UCSC: http://encodeproject.org/ENCODE/

*Answer to question from webinar, where to get methods used for ENCODE tracks. View this quick screencast.






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