Free Webinar on ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser

The UCSC Bioinformatics Group announces a free webinar on ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser ( The webinar will be conducted by OpenHelix, the provider of training on 100s of free, publicly accessible bioinformatics and genomics resources.

In the webinar, you’ll learn about aspects of the ENCODE project and data types, and explore ways for you to access and learn about the ENCODE data available under the UCSC Genome Browser. This tutorial assumes the user has strong familiarity with the software functionality of the UCSC Genome Browser as described in the Introductory and Advanced Topics tutorials (

You’ll learn:
• The foundations and background of the ENCODE project
• How to use Track and File search tools to locate data of interest
• To identify ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser, and explore the data use policies
• What types of data are available under ENCODE, and where to find details of the data types and technologies
• How to interact with the data in the graphical browser, table browser, and by downloading

The webinar will held Wednesday, November 9th, 11:00 PT/2:00 ET/18:00 UTC/GMT, Register at Download slides before the webinar for note taking at

Seminar Summary:
What: “Introduction to ENCODE data in UCSC Genome Browser” sponsored by UCSC Bioinformatics Group and presented by OpenHelix, LLC.

When: November 9th11:00-12:15 PT/2:00-3:15 ET/18:00-19:15 UTC/GMT

Who: Anyone interested in learning about the ENCODE data and how to access it using the UCSC Genome Browser. Requires working knowledge of the UCSC Genome Browser (you can view the UCSC Genome Browser tutorials at and knowledge of genomic/biological concepts. No programming skills required.

Cost: No cost.

Contact Information: Register at You will receive an email with the URL for the webinar.

The ENCODE Project, (ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements), an international consortium of researchers who are moving beyond the basic information of the reference genome sequence. Researchers are using many cutting-edge technologies to learn as much as possible about variations, genes, non-coding transcripts, regulatory elements, and genome structure and more, in extensive detail across the entire genome. The ENCODE project is coordinated by the NHGRI. The UCSC Genome Browser is the designated Data Coordination Center (DCC), for the ENCODE project, and the official ENCODE data repository.

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  3. Sugunakar Vure

    please help me in finding out the Synonymous and Non-synonymous SNPs in acuute leukemia,
    how to do it, please help me in this regard.

  4. Mary

    Hi Sugunakar–

    I think you will probably want to focus on the cancer-specific data sets from the collection and the TCGA data ( Go to either of those sites to access their data portals and do some mining.

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