mitowheel.jpgAttilachordash at the blog Pimm – Partial immortalization points us to a tool for visualization of human mitochondrial genome sequence. You can use MitoWheel 1.2 to load and spin the genome around…kinda like a roulette wheel. Reportedly a game is coming soon. From the blog description:

MitoWheel is a graphical representation of the circular human mitochondrial genome, hence the name. The sequence used is the standard Revised Cambridge Reference Sequence. The 3 main components of the app is: a search box, a sequence bar and the wheel.

You can access MitoWheel here: You can get the wheel spinning by clicking the arrowheads on the sequence line. I actually don’t know much else because the “how to use” is “under construction”. Your best bet is to check out the blog for more: Especially if this is something you can use for your research, be sure to check out the update post about the newest features: MitoWheel 1.2: Humankind in the Wheel I think that means that there are nearly 3000 people in there now!

It isn’t something that expect to need to use, but I thought I would mention it for those who are interested in mtDNA. And it was kinda fun to spin it around….