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Holiday break postings will be light

Happy holidays everyone! As you probably understand, posting will be light over the holidays. We’ve got our annual “Tips of the Week” review posts to launch on the next two Wednesdays, but anything else will be limited.

But you better watch out. Be good for goodness sake…

See you in the new year.

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Google DNA Maps (spoof…er…I think…)

I had no intention of posting for a few days because of the holiday, but this was just too funny to pass up. I had to watch it a couple of times to catch everything; even the crawls at the bottom are hysterical.

Hat tip to Casey Bergman for retweeting this–I might have missed it otherwise.

@jandot: Google DNA Maps - hilarious, well, kind of …

Tim Minchin explains ENCODE? Really?

This is definitely the first time I’ve seen this in a genome project.

Via Martin Robbins:  The Story of You: Encode and the human genome

More details about this now on Tim’s blog:  Genomes And Tim Combined!

Edit: while the dichotomous responses continue to flow in…

On the left: Blinded by Big Science: The lesson I learned from ENCODE is that projects like ENCODE are not a good idea 

On the right: New Genomics Breakthrough Shows Need for Government-Funded Research

EDIT 2: Wow, the full court press of public outreach continues, now on Reddit.

Reddit thread:

Paul Nurse: Family Trees Can Be Dangerous

One of the points that I have always made about the advent of personal genomics was that we are going to find out some family secrets that have been under wraps for a very long time. This may not always be a bad thing. But there are going to be some cases where the participants may not be quite so prepared to handle the information. Here Paul Nurse tells a tale of ancestry and genetics that illustrates some of that complexity. It’s only 10 minutes–and it’s quite funny. Have a look.

Direct to the YouTube in case you want that:

Favorite April Fool’s pranks (some genomics + lab ones)

Yeah, I know, we all dread the day. But sometimes there are some clever winning tidbits out there. Here are some of my favorites, in case you missed them over the weekend.

N.Y. Preschool Starts DNA Testing For Admission (Strangely this hit a nerve and 2 people yelled at me for this one–all I did was forward it, I didn’t support it…)

The XKCD reality check… (I especially liked the UMass Amherst lab one; my alma mater)

Did Greenpeace mow down GM wheat AGAIN? (The first aid at the end….eek!)

Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library

Google Fiber “It’s Fiberlicious” and Google Street “Roo” cam: Google Street Roo – exploring the outback one bounce at a time

Best one for genomics though–will make sample collection so much easier: The new series of Kodak printers, especially those coming out in 2013. Site keeps going down, though, so here’s a copy of it.


PHD Comics–the movie!

We’ve had a lot of chuckles over PhD Comics over the years. One of my personal favorites is Marriage vs. the PhD, with a table comparing the two. One of the others that we think is a perfect crystallization is  The Science News Cycle.  But those are just a couple of the years of comics that deal with humorous (and sometimes less-than-funny) aspects of the PhD process.

It was great to hear that this was going to become a movie. I thought it was going to be an animation–but it appears to be a live-action film instead. The trailer can be seen on the PhD page in case it doesn’t embed properly for me here. I hope I catch a local showing of it around the Boston area–if anyone know of them when it happens let me know and I’ll post on it. I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out for specifics–it says MIT is on the tentative list right now. Might be another fun meet up for some of the local Boston genomics tweeps too….more #MeadHall.

PHD Movie Trailer from PHD Comics on Vimeo.

Hat tip to @MyBioTechniques for the info.